Find the hottest and most active ICO, IDE, IEO, IGO, and Crypto Presales.

Find the hottest and most active ICO, IDE, IEO, IGO, and Crypto Presales.

We found some resources that might help you discover the latest and most active opportunities in the crypto space.

Crypto Launchpad: This platform provides a comprehensive list of upcoming ICOs, IDOs, IEOs, IGOs, and Crypto Presales. It’s a great place to find new projects launching on top crypto launchpads.

CoinMarketCap ICO Calendar: CoinMarketCap offers a full ICO calendar with all initial coin offerings listed in date order. You can view ongoing, upcoming, and ended projects along with details like ICO price, stage, and start/end dates.

Crypto News Active ICO List: As of March 2024, Crypto News has sourced a list of active ICO campaigns that have the potential to explode, covering a wide range of project types.
These platforms can provide you with the information you need to stay updated on the latest crypto opportunities. Remember to do your own research and consider the risks involved in crypto investments.

The two token below is running Presales as at the time of written this post

1. Arcadia FoundationPAXX

Presale CalendarJun 30, 2018  – Jul 30, 2025

Accept Payments: ETH, USDC, BTC, USDT, DAI, BUSD

How to Participate?

The Arcadia Foundation committee, consisting of experts, advisors, and investors, is dedicated to advancing the Arcadia. Global project in the blockchain domain.

They contribute grants, guidance, and expertise, creating a 50% crowdfunding, 50% team-building DAO that drives concrete goals in the blockchain space.

Summary of Arcadia Foundation

The live price of Arcadia Foundation is at $ .

The Arcadia Foundation committee comprises a collective of skilled professionals, advisors, and investors committed to exclusively advancing the Arcadia. Global project within the realm of blockchain technology.

They actively engage in this initiative by offering grants, guidance, and expertise, thereby becoming integral contributors to its ongoing development. In essence, the DAO embodies a unique blend of 50% crowdfunding and 50% team-building endeavors, meticulously designed to empower itself and its early adopters in achieving a predefined set of concrete objectives within the blockchain sphere.

2. MinMaxGG

Tokens for Sale: 200000000 ARITH

Total Supply(%): 40.00%

Accept payments: ETH

Summary of MinMaxGG

The live price of MinMaxGG is at $ .

MinMax is an ambitious project fusing classic MMORPG elements with cutting-edge technology inspired by iconic AAA titles. This fantasy MMORPG offers an expansive open world, real-time exploration, quests, and dynamic combat with a unique turn-based system for added depth.

What sets MinMax apart is its innovative use of blockchain technology and AI, enabling players to earn in-game currency tied to real-world value, opening the door to tangible rewards for their gameplay achievements.

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