Top DeFi Tokens To Invest

    With the crypto market anticipating a bullish comeback in Bitcoin prices from $60,000, the declining sentiments gradually come to a halt. Under such conditions, the DeFi tokens are starting to shine, teasing a potential surge in the coming week. 

    Further, amongst the top performers, JUP rank as the top-performing DeFi tokens today. Thus, these altcoins offer a lucrative entry opportunity to the sideline traders. So, let’s look closer at the top DeFi tokens to buy for a bull run next week. 

    Jupiter Token (JUP) Price Prediction – Jupiter is a decentralized exchange on Solana. The newly launched exchange stands out for its impressive trading volume exceeding $184,905,876 in the last 24 hours. As of June 28th, 2024, the JUP token is trading at $0.827 with a market cap of $1,119,230,388.

    Starting with a range of $0.816 to $0.979 in July, the token’s value is expected to show volatility, influenced by factors such as market sentiment and trading volumes. As the year progresses, by December 2024, JUP Token’s price is anticipated to rise, reaching between $1.108 and $1.329.

    In 2025, JUP Token is anticipated to demonstrate fluctuating prices in the cryptocurrency market. Starting from January with projected values between $1.025 and $1.450, the token’s price may experience volatility influenced by market dynamics and trading activities. As the year progresses, by December 2025, JUP Token’s price is expected to range from $1.125 to $1.750.

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