The native token of Starknet is STRK

Starknet is a decentralized Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, utilizing STARK technology to ensure computational integrity and overcome scalability limitations. The native token of Starknet is STRK, which is used for paying network fees, staking for consensus, and participating in governance proposals. Starknet also recently had a significant token airdrop event.

Starknet offers several benefits as a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum:

Unlimited Scale: By utilizing STARK technology for validating off-chain transactions, Starknet overcomes Ethereum’s scalability limitations, providing virtually unlimited scaling while retaining Ethereum’s security and decentralization.
Superior User Experience: Starknet employs Native Account Abstraction, allowing developers to create smart accounts with customized behavior, elevating user experience and security beyond protocol constraints.

Thriving Ecosystem: Starknet’s ecosystem is rapidly growing, supported by a passionate community of developers, users, and partners. This has led to the development of a decentralized Rollup Stack, enhancing network security, censorship resistance, resilience, and transparency.

Creativity Unleashed: Developers can use Cairo, Starknet’s native smart contract language, to code any kind of business logic, pushing the boundaries of their applications and allowing their vision to reach its full potential.

Enhanced Security and Privacy: Starknet uses ZK rollups and STARK proofs to ensure secure and efficient scaling. This technology also enhances data security and privacy.

Reduced Gas Costs: One of the major advantages of Starknet is the significant reduction in gas costs associated with Ethereum transactions, making it more cost-effective for users and developers.
These benefits make Starknet an attractive option for those looking to build and use applications on the Ethereum network with improved scalability, security, and user experience.

You can use specific wallets that are compatible with Starknet to store STRK tokens. Currently, the Braavos Wallet and Argent X are two of the leading smart contract wallets that support Starknet and its native STRK tokens1. Additionally, MetaMask has introduced support for Starknet through a MetaMask Snap, which is in beta. This allows you to send and receive L2 funds, and more features are expected to be added in the future2.

It’s important to ensure that your wallet is secure and that you have access to your private keys or seed phrase when managing your STRK tokens. For the most up-to-date information on Starknet-compatible wallets and detailed instructions on how to set them up, you can refer to the official Starknet documentation or community resources.

Getting started with Starknet involves a few key steps:

Set Up an Ethereum Wallet: Before interacting with Starknet, you need an Ethereum wallet. MetaMask is a popular choice, and it has introduced support for Starknet through a MetaMask Snap, which is currently in beta.

Deposit ETH to Your Wallet: You’ll need some ETH in your Ethereum wallet to pay for transactions. You can obtain ETH from exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.

Set Up a Starknet Wallet: Next, set up a Starknet-compatible wallet like Braavos or Argent X. You’ll need to fund this wallet and deploy your account on Starknet.
Connect to Starknet: Use your Starknet wallet to connect to the network. You can then start exploring dApps, swapping tokens, investing, playing games, and building your NFT collection.

Learn and Explore: Familiarize yourself with Starknet’s technology and ecosystem. There are various resources available, including Starknet’s official documentation and community tutorials.

Engage with the Community: Join Starknet’s community channels like Discord or forums to stay updated and get support.
For a more detailed guide, including setting up wallets and understanding Starknet’s features, you can refer to the Starknet documentation and watch educational videos like “How To Get Started With STARKNET: The Airdrop Guide” or “Get Started with Starknet”.

Remember, always ensure that you’re following security best practices when setting up and using cryptocurrency wallets.

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